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All Hail the Domino King! His Intricate Tributes Will Captivate You.

written by Jason Marcano November 15, 2016

Growing up, I always wanted a Domino Rally set. Domino Rally was a series of toys based around the hobby of lining up dominoes in a row and knocking them down. The thing that set Domino Rally sets apart was that they leaned on making the pastime seem action packed, akin to Hot Wheels race tracks, but for dominoes. I had my eye on one set as a kid, and it’s the one my mom got me for Christmas that year – The “Glow in the Dark Ghost Ride.”

I thought they had discontinued these sets. But, as I was searching for the image below, I discovered Wal-Mart still carries them. That’s amazing to the child in me, and I may just have to open my wallet.


Domino Rally proved to be a test of patience. My 9-year-old hands weren’t steady enough. I never did get to see the Glow in the Dark Ghost Ride work 100% correctly. Because of this I lost interest in the joys of dominoes, only touching them to “throw bones.”

Enter “The Domino King.” The 19-year-old Domino King is: “…a Gamer first and a Youtuber that builds video game setups out of dominoes second…” He creates “cool chain reactions” of popular video games and some movies. His latest project I stumbled upon while perusing Reddit earlier this week. It is from The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker, it has over 78,000 dominoes, and it’s astounding.

From the level of deatail in the images, to the catchy remixed song by dj-Jo/Zenpaku the video is almost cathartic. I’ve never been so rapt while watching dominoes fall.

This was the first Zelda game played by The Domino King, though not his favorite – that title goes to Majora’s Mask. This also isn’t his only project. The King has done set-ups of Mario, Sonic, Pikachu, Star Wars, and more. He’s even dabbled in the comic realm with Deadpool. His designs utilize tens of thousands of dominoes and are always remarkably detailed. I had the chance to chat with The Domino King about his work—Where he found inspiration, what his favorite set up is, and about the time a cat wreaked havoc on one of his projects.

The Domino King

He’s been playing with Dominoes for over five years now. The Domino King, I asked for his name but he’s not quite ready to reveal that just yet, has mastered the craft. Here’s why you should bow down to The Domino King.

It’s a journey that started 5 years ago and an episode of Americas Got Talent during one impressive act by a man going by “The Kinetic King.”

“I was watching this guy called “The Kinetic King” on Americas Got Talent doing incredible things with dominoes, stick bombs, and much more. And little by little I was able to learn from him and other people on YouTube. And now this hobby is a part time job.”

The Domino King started out making small sets that consisted of only a few dominoes and that fit on his dining room table.

The Domino King

Eventually his work evolved and he was able to combine his love of gaming with his new found hobby. One of his favorite games, and also in line for it’s own domino tribute, is The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. I asked him why this one in particular was his favorite.

“I recently played Majora’s Mask for the first time and spent hours upon hours playing it. My favorite things about the game would be the unique mask system, the dark atmosphere, the feeling of that creepy moon watching over you, and so much more. Also Skull Kid has to be my favorite character in any Legend of Zelda game.”

Skull Kid

Throughout the course of his time making these set ups The Domino King has racked up over 100k subscribers to his YouTube channel with more than 200 videos. That’s a lot of dominoes, and a ton of patience. His record for most dominoes used in a single piece: 101,020! It takes him 2-4 days to make smaller set ups, but more intricate ones, like his favorite below and the Wind Waker one featured above can take a month or more.

But, there are times where even the King must balance fun with work. It’s important we find fun in what we do. If something begins to feel like a chore, or too much of an obligation, we can loose heart and focus. Ultimately, we may even begin to hate the things we love.

” There have been a couple of projects that I started but never finished due to me not having fun making them. If I don’t enjoy the project that I’m working on then I usually just scrap it and work on something that me and my audience both will enjoy.”

Which is good, the tributes he creates are amazing to say the least, they’ve certainly been entertaining for me to watch. The Domino King has no plans of quitting anytime soon either. He has projects in the pipeline like a set up based on his favorite game (see above) and for the recently released Pokemon Sun and Moon. The Pokemon set will be based on the starter ‘Mon.

As many may know, I’m a huge Final Fantasy fan. Naturally I had to know if he planned on making a domino chain based on the series. Unfortunately The Domino King has never played a FF game. He does say a FF set up could be possible “one day”.  I would really love to see Moogles and Chocobos set to a mix of the Prelude.

Domino King Steven Universe

The Steven Universe build took over 84,000 dominoes!

The Domino King is a cat lover, and if you know cats, you know how much they relish knocking things down.

“I build in my basement and always have to close the door due to having cats, and I had around 8,000 dominoes setup and I accidentally left the door opened and when I came back down to work everything was demolished…. At that moment I wanted to scream.”

Hopefully he remembers to keep that door shut from now on!

Geeks, if you haven’t seen what The Domino King can do, go check out his channel. (links below) Be sure to subscribe to it while you’re there. I guarantee you’ll be as impressed as I was. He’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and he may even consider request. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

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