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iClever chargers are Amazon’s deal of the day!

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 23, 2016
It's a charger

Remember when we got our hands on a handful of wonderful chargers from iClever? No? Shame on you. To bring you up to speed, they were were pretty, charged at a good speed and most of them were reasonably priced through Amazon as is. Their 3.0 charger sped through a charge so fast, I got whiplash.

It's a charger

It turns out a whole bunch of iClever chargers are on Amazon’s deal of the day which you can find here but because we’re nice, we’ll give you geeks a highlight.

What I have plugged in next to my chair and have powering several of my gadgets is the 4 port Boostcube. This bad boy is so handy to have when you have a phone, a tablet, a speaker and who know what else I have sitting on this table. Right now it can be snagged for $12.21.

Because I need a quick charge sometimes, I have in the bedroom the 3.0 single port Quick Charger. This thing will have you back on your toes rapidly with how fast it charges. It was my pick of the group for that exact reason. If you’re so inclined, you can pull one off of Amazon for a sweet $19.99.

They even have a couple of new items for me that I need to check out. One of which is desperately needed in the geek ride, a 4 port car charger. Sure we could get away with the two port but with my portable Bluetooth speaker, it’d be nice to have another spot for it. Of course iClever has read my mind and come up with a solution before I knew I needed one. With the Deal of the Day, budget minded shoppers can gobble one up for $10.99.

The other item on the list that I want to check out is their version of the desktop USB hub. Yes, I know, everybody has one but iClever has yet to steer me wrong with their build quality performance plus can you really beat the price? You get 6 ports for $17.90.

Well geeks, that’s my top picks for the iClever Amazon Deal of the Day. We dig their products so if you get a chance, you should check them out. If you pick up any thing, let us know what you get.

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