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iPhone users should get down with SanDisk’s iXpand case.

written by Chad "LoganDX" G. June 23, 2016
It's the iXpand case

Did you think you would never run out of the space in your iPhone? Did a well meaning loved one buy you a 16GB model? Instead of deleting pictures of your cats, it might be time to look into SanDisk and their iXpand line of cases.

It's the iXpand case

The iXpand cases offer up protection but what they’re really here for is to stretch your storage capacity by up to 128GB with the enclosed flash memory. That’s a lot of extra “research” material room. They also have an app called the Memory Case App that helps categorize content down to pictures, audio and video. If you want to play your juicy videos or show off that cool pic you got at last night’s concert, the app will let you.

If you’re looking to make it really go far, you can also slap down some extra dough to purchase the add-on battery pack. It will juice up your phone, giving said phone less bulk than in the past. Plus using the iXpand Memory Case App will also allow you to monitor the battery strength and life.

It's the iXpand case

The iXpand case comes in three flavors and four yummy colors. We have the 32GB for $59.99, the 64GB for $99.99 and lastly for $129.99 we have the 128GB. The different colors are red, teal, blue and grey.

You can jump into the widget above to grab your very own iXpand case from the wonderful peeps at SanDisk. What do you geeks think? Any Apple lovers out there crazy mad in store for something like this? Let me know way down below!

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