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Love and Cosplay: When Supergirl Marries Power Girl

written by Quinzel Lee May 6, 2017
Rinaca Cosplay dressed as supergirl and powergirl

It’s one thing to find someone to share your life with. It’s an even better thing to share your life with someone who shares your love of cosplay! I got the opportunity to interview with Sørine and Carina from Denmark. These women are cosplayers known as Rinaca Cosplay and Surine Cosplay. Aside from their awesome couple cosplays, these two are also married. If you are ready for a geeky love story that will hit you right in the feels, keep reading the interview below.

Quinzel Lee: So let’s get some backstory, how did you first get into cosplay?

S+C: ” I always liked dressing up for Halloween and was super into anime and manga. When I realized there was a combination of the two, I very quickly got interested in it. It grew from there and now I’ve been cosplaying for 12 years. [Carina] got into cosplay in 2010″

QL: How did you two first meet?

S+C: “We met in high school – where we had German classes together. Carina was a total teacher’s pet and I was the complete opposite. I ended up changing schools and we randomly met at a comic book store. Discovering we had a shared interest we started hanging out – but we didn’t start dating until much later.”

QL: You guys are not only awesome coplayers, but you are also married to each other! Tell me about your wedding!

Rinaca cosplay in wedding dresses in limo

S+C: ” We were married in the church of our Lady in Copenhagen on the 2nd of July 2016. It was the most amazing day with all our closest friends and family. We even had a lot of friends we know through cosplay and conventions fly in from England, Spain and Germany. We went to Japan for our honeymoon.”

QL: Which cosplay is your favorite cosplay, done solo and as a couple?

S+C: “It’s very often the newest cosplay that is a favorite. We just finished Overwatch cosplay of Tracer and Widowmaker. So we’d have to say those cosplays. It’s hard to pick a favorite solo cosplay because ever since we started dating we’ve been cosplaying together with matching costumes. We also love our Drakengard 3 cosplays that we competed with at The World Cosplay Summit in Japan. And of course our Evangelion plugsuit cosplays of Rei and Asuka.”

QL: What future cosplays do you have planned, if you don’t mind sharing?

Rinaca cosplay couple as harry potter characters

Photo courtesy of Den Gronne Fotograf

S+C: “Currently we are working on Haikyuu cosplays of Yachi and Kiyoko and from Boku No Hero Academia, Mina and Asai.”

So there you have it, two lovebirds who found each other through their love of cosplay. It’s enough to make you want to go to your next comic book convention or comic book store and find your own true love. Keep up with Rinaca Cosplay on Twitter and also on Instagram!

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