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Interview with the Cosplayer: Maui Genderbend Makes Me Wanna Sing Moana All Day Long!

written by Quinzel Lee April 27, 2017
Woman Dressed as Maui from Disney's Moana

If you can’t seem to get any of the songs from Moana out of your head, you’ve got to check out this awesome cosplay! I have to say, this has been one of the coolest cosplays I have seen in a while! Not to mention, I got a chance to talk to the cosplayer herself.  And let me tell you, it was a great time. Jasmin has a Facebook page called Jasmin Loves You that highlights all of her current and past cosplays. When I saw the photo of her Maui cosplay, it blew me away. I had to get a chance to ask her some questions about it.

Quinzel Lee: So Jasmin, what made you first get into cosplay?

Jasmin Loves You:  “I went to SDCC in 2013, first con ever. Attended more cons and made friends, wanted to try my hand at cosplaying, and did! Whoa did I pick a hard one though, my favorite character from two of my favorite games: Sheik! From Smash Bros (my main!) and Legend of Zelda.”

QL: That’s awesome! What sparked the idea of doing a genderbend Maui?

woman cosplaying as maui from moana

JLY: “I’m not sure what did it, could be then 10th time watching Moana, my love for my husband The Rock, or being told I had a similar attitude as him (and hair – yes my hair is naturally that big too!)”

QL: I’d like to know: What’s your favorite part in Moana?

JLY: “My favorite part of Moana is no one ever bringing up that she’s a GIRL. If she was to become chief or the seas were too scary, her being a girl wasn’t any part of the situation. She was seen as a person, an entity. Not subjectively!”

QL: What’s your favorite thing about Maui?

JLY: ” Maui’s confidence is awesome! You’re Welcome is definitely an amazing song as well!”

QL: What are some other cosplays you’ve done and what can we look out for you to do in the future?

JLY: “I’ve done almost 50 cosplays I think! The hardest was my Esmeralda Fett (part of the Mickey’s Mandos/Disney Fetts group). The most popular was my April O’Neil (TMNT) – which I only wore her once for a couple of hours, so much spandex! My heart belongs to Ms. Marvel who is so much like me, it’s insane. My favorites have to be, well, all of them! All the characters I pick are ones I love, and I never cosplay anything I don’t like or don’t know. I cosplay as hobby, for fun, and of course it gives me free reign to do whatever I choose! Future projects I’m working on include Overwatch’s Pharah, a special crossover cosplay merging two video game characters, Sheikah Link, and for shiggles, let’s throw in a Magikarp lol”

So there you have it! Jasmin has some awesome upcoming ideas. What do you guys think of her cosplay? Are you excited to see what she will come up with next? Let us know in the comments below.

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