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Maul Brings Overwatch’s Soldier 76 to Life With His Unreal Cosplay!

written by Liana "LiLi" R. June 2, 2016
Maul Cosplay

Maul Cosplay does it again with another fantastic rendition of an in-game character brought to life! We previously reported his Witcher cosplay which took the nerd world by storm. Many thought his photographs were actual screenshots from the game and this time is no different.

Ben, Cosplayer behind the page, took to his site to share with fans an all new artistic feat.¬†This time he brought Soldier 76, from the wildly popular shooter Overwatch, straight¬†from the small screen to IRL and it is nothing short of stunning. Scrolling through my feed I had to do a double take to make sure it wasn’t an action figure or still from the game. The picture below is the photograph that knocked my socks right off:

Maul Cosplay

We here at DHTG have been on a huge Overwatch kick lately and Soldier 76 is a favourite among us. This character was also featured as the statue in the Collector’s Edition. To see the amazing attention to detail that Ben has put in this character is astounding and for fellow cosplayers out there, down right inspiring!

Maul Cosplay Overwatch

Each time he puts himself in the shoes of a character, it is always done to 100% accuracy. The level of craftsmanship paired with his intricate use of special effects make-up makes him one of the top male contenders in the cosplay world. The man is dedicated, he even dyed his real hair instead of donning a wig for his latest masterpiece:

Maul Cosplay Hair

Don’t take my word for it – check him out at his official Facebook Page here and if you haven’t seen his Geralt of Rivia from Witcher III, you absolutely need to! You can find our article on it here to see all of the amazing ways he made him a reality.

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