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Quick list… Xbox One or PS4

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg August 22, 2017

Xbox One or Ps4? When choosing a system, which is right for you? This is a quick list as these are a few things each system offers, when you are looking for the best system, and one which is most in line with the style and type of gaming you enjoy the most as a player.

Games –
Sony has taken over in terms of the gaming options offered. So if you like variety of games, PS4 might be the top option over Xbox; with this in mind, both offer nice online interfaces, allowing you to download, and pay a fee each month, to play additional games online as well.

Design –
PS4 is smaller and slimmer, but Xbox takes control in the number of ports, allowing you to connect peripheral devices. With Xbox one you can also upgrade ports, while with PS4 you are limited to the number of extensions.

Specs –
A more powerful CPU is present with the Xbox, but a more powerful GPU belongs to PS4. Both have 8 GB of RAM, but developers allocate memory differently. Xbox has a slower bandwidth, but the multi-layered OS does offer more seamless transitions, and onscreen colours/graphics, are more enjoyable.

PS4 features a higher resolution, and colour clarity. Although PS4 was initially cheaper, Xbox has dropped pricing, and introduced a number of package options, to help make it closer and more competitive in the market today.

Possibly the game differential is the biggest difference between the systems, where the number of options goes to PS4; with this in mind, intuitive online subscription services, and new games are constantly being added to both systems, so the gap is getting smaller here as well.

Ultimately, it is a personal decision based on type of game, and type of gaming you enjoy. Both systems feature stellar graphics, gaming, and offer a unique way to play, especially in comparison to previous systems both companies have released. As consoles become more and more expensive people have started to buy consoles on finance because they do not want to spend so much money straight away on a console. There are loads of sites which offer consoles on finance, whether its pay weekly or pay monthly. There many options available depending on the site you use.

All of you will of course have more specs and reasons why, but this is just a quick one-off list to help those that may be on the fence one way or the other. Be sure and add anything you would like to the comments below.

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