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Tank Girl Cosplay Blows Up Facebook!

written by Jon "BatPool" M May 19, 2016
Emma Rubini Tank Girl

Cosplay is the ultimate way to show off your appreciation for your fandoms. It’s a way to become the characters we love. Cosplay in itself is an entire art form. From matching materials to sew patterns, to fabricating props to pull the whole character to life, to makeup that brings the character straight from the source material. Such is the case for one cosplayer, Emma Rubini.  This incredibly talented artist put together one of the most amazing and accurate cosplays that I’ve seen to date: Tank Girl.

Emma Rubini Tank GirlThe detail and accuracy is outstanding! So outstanding, in fact, that her Facebook page received over 7,000 “likes” on the same day she revealed her Tank Girl cosplay. I reached out to Emma and asked her how she was handling the response on Facebook.

“I’m honestly so speechless at the response. It’s making all the hard work worth it!”

Emma opened a Q&A discussion on her page in response to the overwhelming praises she was receiving.  One question asked was: How do you stay motivated on tricky cosplays? And how do you go about problem solving?

“I try to give myself a lot of time for really tricky cosplays, so I have time to take breaks and redo things if need be. Since I’m a student, I usually save big cosplays for the summer, when I don’t have to worry about homework. I still make cosplays during the school year but I usually stick to things I’m more comfortable with (like Tank Girl, which was mostly painting and prop making, without a lot of heavy sewing or wig styling). This summer I’m doing Padme from Star Wars which is going to be a huge challenge so I’m giving myself about three months to make it!”

Emma Rubini Tank Girl

Tank Girl isn’t her only phenomenal cosplay, she has quite a few other awesome creations as well that include characters from Borderlands, Bio Shock, and many others.  As well as her Facebook page, you can check out a slide show of some of her other work below.

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