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Xbox One S Sports Bundle GIVEAWAY!!!!

written by Shane "Geek" Lundberg January 14, 2017

Sports, sports and more sports. Can we really get enough? I love being able to sit down with my friends at a bar or even at home and play through the game for bragging rights at the end. I think we all do. When fantasy football comes around it pretty much takes over.

Imagine if you had these kinds of competitive sports games all the time. Pretend you are able to sass and play the odds against your friends no matter where they are in the world. Welcome to FireFan.


This app will be your one stop sports fan app. Play during live games in all of your favorite sports against your friends or strangers. Play the odds on the play and see if you come up on top. With things like all HD graphics, no ugly graphs or charts, live chats, trash talking rooms and bromojis this will be the must have sports off all time. unnamed-6The one thing that I love, is that you can play while the game is live. Live game is when the app actually asks you questions with a timer. Like, “Will the kicker kick the ball out of the end zone?, Will the kick be caught and then downed for a touchback? Will it be returned for a touchdown?”  Vegas odds are actually displayed with each possible option. The more rare the choice, the more valuable. If you chose the touchdown option it might be worth 50 points.  If you chose a touchback it’ll only be worth 5 points.

Earn badges and bragging rights against all of your friends…I guarantee they are already playing. We will be breaking down the app in a full review soon but trust me you do not want to wait that long.

Thanks to one of our sponsors we have a new Xbox One S sports package for one of you lucky sports fans out there. Easy to win. Download the app, log in to the app (verifiable on the backend) MUST USE PROMO CODE REDBULL, find the Xbox One S Giveaway, then bring in your friends to play with you, and that’s it. not only will you have tons of chances at the Xbox One S Bundle, but you will be playing the greatest sports app yet. Basketball is even coming soon. We also included a bunch of other ways to get points but make sure to get the app. It is up for Android and iPhone and if you are a sports fan trust me you are going to want to get in on this!

Contest will run from Jan 14-Feb 15th


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