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Zootopia Cosplayers Bring Cosplay To Another Level

written by Leda "Ancient Hero" N. June 4, 2016

When Zootopia was first introduced, fans met some interesting anthropomorphic characters including Judy Hopps—a cop who wants to prove she can do anything!—and Nick Wilde—a delinquent who has given up on being anything other than a punk. With so many characters from Zootopia there are endless possibilities for cosplayers to show off their skills.

However, there came a small problem with how to go about cosplaying these characters. Judy and Nick are both animals that walk on two legs. Do you go full furry suit and risk overheating or do you just go merely human with no one really understanding what character you are portraying?

Why not the best of both worlds? In combining ears and makeup two groups of cosplayers created some interesting Zootopia Cosplays. Rather than being completely furry, Gnitae from DeviantArt and 小柔SeeU went with the classic “cat-girl” approach—like what you see in Final Fantasy 14—complete with bunny/fox ears and tails.

Gnitae, TimFowl, and anna_berten made a very adorable trio of Judy, Nick, and Assistant Mayor Bellwether. Gnitae combined her wig with bunny ears that matched the color perfectly, her contacts added the perfect touch to Officer Judy. TimFowl’s Nick did the same thing with his fox ears. anna_berten as Bellwether combined the sheep-like wig and ears and she used a minimal amount of makeup to make her face look more sheeplike.

Zootopia Cosplay

小柔SeeU also does a very good job with her ears and wig matching, she also makes for an adorable Judy and on her facebook page you can see many scenes from the movie. Seeu also cosplayed with 小小 Tiểu Tiểu Bạch who cosplayed Nick Wilde.

Zootopia Cosplay 3

However, the Zootopia Cosplayers don’t stop at just Nick, Judy, and Bellwether. There are also cosplayers who have done Gazelle like Saida and NightyQueen.

Zootopia Cosplay 4

Zootopia Cosplay 5

With Cosplaying the sky is the limit, as you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want! If you could cosplay anyone from Zootopia who would you cosplay as? Let us know in the comments!

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