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MUST-PLAY: Why ‘Ori And The Blind Forest’ Is Gorgeous

written by Tyler June 15, 2018
Ori And The Blind Forest gameplay

Well folks! We have dropped the weekly game discounts and instead I’m focusing on a single title that is on sale, that I’ve played and found to be so awesome that you MUST play it. There’s no question, you have to. Mhm. Good so you have it in your cart already? Great. Now install and play. Thank me later! Ori and The Blind Forest is this week’s game recommendation, and while its sequel was shown with another gorgeous gameplay trailer this past E3, you have all the more reason to delve into this tear-jerkin’, beautiful soundin’, amazing platformer. Since it’s 50% off on Steam, there’s no better time if you haven’t already tried it out! Or, grab it from Amazon below!

Ori and the Blind Forest is such a resoundingly beautiful game. I had a chance to speak to the developers a couple years ago when I was working on my own project and wanted some input. They were gracious enough to lend some tips and, honestly, they were some of the most humble and committed game developers I’ve spoken to. Everything about Ori and the Blind Forest has such passion flowing through it. The soundtrack itself is something I listen to daily while I’m writing, modelling or even out for a run.

Ori And The Blind Forest itself is a platformer, with some light puzzles thrown in. As you progress through the game, you level up your abilities, health and ‘mana’. Combat is very straight forward; as long as you’re close to the enemy, you press the attack button and you automatically attack the closest enemy. There are other types of attacks, and some require timing but the combat is probably the easiest part.

The actual difficulty ramps up with the platforming mechanics. The further your progress into each world, the harder the environment gets. Spikes begin lining the walls that you have to double-jump on, lava pits and poison ensure you watch your step and eventually, in some parts, there’s literally no floor and you have to make use of all your abilities together to navigate an area while in the air. While it’s frustrating when you miss a jump, or get killed, it never seems unfair. The smooth and gorgeous environments are soothing enough in itself to warrant that typical “Ok, I’ll try again!”.

Seriously, pick it up, you won’t regret it. If you need more convincing, check the trailer for the sequel, Ori And The Will Of The Wisps below. What about you geeks? You going to try ‘er out? If you have already, tell us how you liked it in the comments!

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