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How Would You Celebrate Star Wars’ Women of the Galaxy?

written by Laura Mechem June 2, 2018
Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy front cover showing Rey holding a lightsaber

Starwars.com have announced an exciting new addition to the Star Wars bookshelf. Amy Ratcliffe’s Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy chronicles some of the most interesting, diverse, famous and infamous women from the galaxy far, far away. The book will be available to buy in October 2018.

Why is this book so significant?

The franchise continues to make moves to even out the androcentric early days of the original trilogy. I always disbelieved the rumor that if you take Leia out of episodes IX, X and XI, women speak for less than a minute. That was until on one of my frequent Star Wars binges. I paid a little more attention. It turns out Aunt Beru and Mon Mothma were about the only other ones waving the flag for womankind across the galaxy.

Of course Star Wars is nothing like that now. Some of the female characters from the last twenty years have been wonderful. Intelligent political powerhouses like Padme. Fearless Jedi warriors such as Shaak Ti and Aayla Secura. Villainous bounty hunters like Aurra Sing. Sith apprentices like Asaaj Ventress. And let’s not forget more recent heroines like Rey and Jyn.

Women of the Galaxy for Star Wars

‘Every one of them is important’

Ratcliffe tells us the book will celebrate the diversity of women in the Star Wars universe.

The characters in the book have a range of alignments, professions, and traits, and they all offer so much to the universe. Every one of them is important. I think of the entries as being part celebration and part bio, with background information about the character, behind the scenes facts, and key moments that resonated with me. My hope is that fans of all ages will find inspiration from the characters in the book and maybe be encouraged to explore more stories set in the Star Wars galaxy.

With 75 entries, Ratcliffe has drawn on characters from all parts of the Star Wars universe, including the animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels and the new novels. Readers can learn more about the likes of Bo-Katan, leader of the Nite Owls and member of Mandalorian terrorist group Death Watch. Or Krysta Agate, commander in the New Republic who helps to achieve victory in the battle of Jakku. Ratcliffe hopes to inspire readers to explore the universe and the wonderfully eclectic female characters that make it. But it’s not just about the female characters. Ratcliffe has collaborated with 18 female artists to create incredible artwork for Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy.

Who would you like to see in ‘Star Wars: Women of the Galaxy’?

Ratcliffe cites Anakin’s spunky padawan Ahsoka Tano as her favourite character. She claims Ahsoka is the reason that she became obsessed with the Star Wars universe. I would love to see Battlefront 2’s Inferno Squad leader, Iden Versio, get a mention. For an Imperial she has a strong moral compass, even stronger combat abilities and men fall at her feet (both literally and figuratively).

Who are your favorite Star Wars women of the galaxy? Let us know in the comments!

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