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Be Still My ’90s Heart! Cosplayer Nails Powerline from A Goofy Movie

written by Quinzel Lee April 29, 2017
Powerline cosplay from A Goofy Movie at WonderCon

I  know I tend to gush about the 90s quite a bit but hear me out. I must have listened to the same Powerline song from A Goofy Movie about a thousand times. That VHS tape was quite wore out. Back then, I actually wished that Powerline was real. I mean, how is it that Max could make his dad drive (and swim) well across the country to see this incredible singer if I couldn’t see him for myself?

Well, look no further. Dreams really do come true. I present to you Powerline, live and in person.

Powerline Cosplay from A Goofy Movie at WonderCon

Cosplayer Allen Forte, also known as AssassinForte, embodies Powerline as if he were pulled from the tv screen and planted right in the middle of California. AssassinForte makes his Powerline Cosplay debut at Wonder Con, which occurred at the end of March in Anaheim, California.

Forte, a native to California, came to the cosplaying game very recently “I found out about Cosplay, too late, in 2009 (if I recall correctly).” He says, “When I visited San Diego Comic Con. You know back when you could still get tickets. I was inspired by Holly Conrad and her team who did this amazing Mass Effect group. It blew me away and started fire in me to join this amazing world. The next year at Anime Expo I debut myself as my favorite character Deadpool, (before he was mainstream). I remember going to this con and being the only Deadpool that year. Hard to believe I know, but I was proud in my barely stitched together Cosplay.”

Like many of us, Forte very much identified with A Goofy Movie. “The movie resonated on so many levels with me, as I WAS Max growing up.” He says  “I was the looser other kids laughed at, I had goof of a father who didn’t see eye to eye, and the girl I liked didn’t even notice  me”

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. People LOVED his cosplay! The response has been phenomenal. I could not have imagined the days leading up to doing this cosplay that so many people would be supportive of it.”

You can view the video of him showing off his moves here.

Now AssassinForte has many other cosplays up his sleeve, as well as some great ones he has done in the past. So he won’t be going anywhere any time soon. “…Deadpool was first and favorite so I have several versions over the years. As a MARVEL fan I have also done Blade and Falcon based on the current MCU. I have done two other Disney cosplays as Prince Naveen, and Wasabi from Big Hero 6… I have also done video game characters from Assassins Creed (Connor Kenway) and Fallout 3 (Three dog). In the future I hope to add Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and some old school characters that list. I’m also starting to dabble in some DC heroes from the TV series that are in the works, but also more Marvel characters as well, I can’t resist.”

I look forward to seeing more of his cosplay ideas! What did you guys think? Sound off in the comments below.


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