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Anthem – BioWare’s New Shooter Let’s You Fight like Iron Man

written by Logan Brklacic June 15, 2018
Promotional images for Anthem, new game by EA and BioWare

Fresh out of the E3 oven, Anthem is being presented as a shooter. This is due to the absence of details stating otherwise. Anthem right now on the surface looks like it could be the love child of Warframe and Destiny. A third-person shooter RPG, Anthem allows you to team up with three other players in a shared world to adventure and kill aliens.

As you travel around the world with your friends, killing space creeps and saving the world, you do so in exosuits known as Javelins. Think Iron Man, only without the hot billionaire piloting it.  These Javelins offer customization in how they look, fight, and move.  They come in four different “classes”, the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor are the types of Javelins, and you will have a whole arsenal of them at your fingertips.

Four armored suits in midflight. They are the Javelin's you can choose in the game Anthem.

The Four Javelin types available in Anthem

Your own actions can also shape the story. That’s right, you can play the game solo, but it may make things difficult.  The main story will be experienced individually and you will establish your own space in Fort Tarsis, a walled city. BioWare feels this will help to tie each players individual experience into the world and make it feel like a home. Little is known about the gripping and unique story that the game is mentioned to have. Let us hope the combat provides a good foundation for the game, so it does not crumble.

One thing to note is that the game in its current state (of course I know it is still not released yet) does not have a PvP mode. They have mentioned that it may be implemented into the game at a later date but at launch the game will be PvP-free. This could be a blessing. Bungie has run into issues with balancing guns in Destiny because they are used across both PvE and PvP. But seeing as you will be using gear modifications and weapons added to your Javelin, that might be easier to balance.

There is also no intention of having loot boxes, or any sort of pay-to-win aspect in Anthem. All in all, based on what little I have seen or heard about Anthem, it looks like a pretty cool game to play. Release date is currently set for February 22, 2019, so still quite a ways away.

You can check out the cinematic trailer below:

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